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Toy breed puppies are predisposed to developing low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, because they have less ability to store and mobilize glucose compared to older animals. Puppies need frequent meals to prevent a hypoglycemic crisis.

SIGNS AND SYMPTONS OF LOW BLOOD SUGAR may include lethargy, weakness, in coordination, seizures, nervousness, tremors and hunger. In severe cases the yorkie puppy may become unconscious and even go into a coma, or die.

Hypoglycemia is often precipitated by stress and can occur without warning. It might appear after the yorkie puppy misses a meal, gets chilled, after playing, or has a digestive upset. These things place an added strain on the yorkie puppies energy reserves and brings on the symptoms.

If you see any of these symptoms of low blood sugar it is important to act fast. If the puppy is unconscious it should be taken to a veterinarian at once. If it is awake, give it some honey, Karo syrup, or Nutri-Cal* by mouth. If there is no improvement within thirty minutes, then call your veterinarian.

PREVENT HYPOGLYCEMIA from happening by allowing only twenty minutes of play at a time, followed by rest or sleep. Do not allow the yorkie puppy to get overtired. Supervise closely with children to make sure the puppy is getting needed rest. Keep the puppy warm, don't let it become chilled.

You can help prevent low blood sugar attacks by feeding a high quality kibble diet. We use and recommend Eukanuba puppy food. See that your yorkie puppy eats at least every six to eight hours. More often if he is very small. Keep dry food and water available at all times. Some people give 1/2 teaspoon of syrup, honey, or Nutri-Cal morning and night for the first couple of days when the yorkie puppy arrives in their new home, to help prevent the low blood sugar that can come with the stress and excitement of going to a new home.

* Nutri-Cal is a tasty, high calorie dietary supplement in a paste form. It is intended for animals that require extra calories and vitamins in the diet. Dosage: 1.5 to 3 teaspoons per 10 lbs body weight.


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